Thursday, 25 July 2019

Posting from under the covers...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... have you seen the new Cabinet??? If you're American or Canadian it will probably just be a smaller Senate to you. To the Brits - try not to wake up screaming in the early hours, I expect I will!
I worked from home today. My back was bothering me after travelling to work on a small, overcrowded train yesterday morning, and the forecast high temperatures today didn't inspire me to soldier on regardless. Before I started work I went for a walk, to make the most of the (slightly more) moderate temperatures. I know I've been letting the pre-work walks slide for the last few weeks, either through pain or laziness, but I'm feeling more energetic now. I managed three miles in an hour, hardly top speed but I wasn't racing anyone. And its an improvement on the approx 750 steps I manage when working from home and not going for a walk!
I then made the mistake of watching lots of videos of the Mueller testimony in the US. To an outsider its astonishing Trump hasn't been impeached, and the more I see or read the more amazing it is. I hope our parliament doesn't let things go so far before they start seriously clipping BoJo's wings - and those of his far right Cabinet. But I'm not holding my breath, mainly because I don't actually know what would be a better situation right now.


  1. How about we have a whip round to buy the PM a comb!!!

  2. It's ghastly, but only to be expected from such a . . . ^%$£***&*%£$
    Truly, extremely worrying.