Monday, 11 February 2019

Stupidity alert

I’ve been wallowing in misery again, sorry guys. Last week it was apathy and lacking energy, then over the weekend it was full on sobbing, melting down and wishing for death. Partly because I very stupidly got drunk on Saturday (100% comfort drinking) and then, because my tolerance is less than it was due to less drinking, partly because LCHF diets seem to cause reduced tolerance, I was up all night Saturday throwing up and in bed all day yesterday.
Which is annoying on many levels, not the least that Sunday was wasted and I don’t have enough free time to go wasting a whole day like that.
This morning I was determined to make an attempt on starting the day more positively in terms of attitude, so I spent the hour or so after my alarm went off and before I left the house trying to be positive and pro-active. I was so busy being positive and pro-active that I was practically in Cardiff before I remembered that I had booked today as a day off weeks ago. Sigh. Sometimes I wonder why I bother trying.
Anyhow given that I was in the outskirts of Cardiff already I went on into work and requested to change the day’s leave for next Monday. I am very sure that I won’t forget again.
Very very very very sure.
This morning never really recovered from that annoying start. Hardly surprising all things considered, that I spent the whole thing wishing it was home time (that’s not really very different from most other days if I’m honest).


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  2. I do hope you are feeling a bit more positive at the moment? The days are getting longer at last anthem seater semer whichc can lighten he mood. Thinking of you. 😊

  3. Predictive text problem! Should have read ' and the weather warmer which can lighten the mood'

  4. Hi, sweetie - hope things are going a little better for you!