Friday, 11 January 2019

Friday at last

I worked from home today, because as predicted I had back pain. I actually felt like a horse kicked me in the kidney when I got up unwarily a few times this morning – I had a very short walk at lunchtime and that seemed to help a bit. I have to admit that I did enjoy not being in the office today. I may have mentioned once or 387583758375 times that I’m not a very social person; I’ve always felt that working is a pretty good compromise for me because it gives a venue for very superficial human contact and engagement without forcing any kind of intimacy – a step above just saying hello to people in the street, but no need to do anything that makes me uncomfortable. As a permie who’s coming on two years in the same place after years of much more transitory working conditions it could just be that I’m in new territory, but I seem to be changing my views on this – and getting less, not more,  tolerant. I always hated big parties and conferences because the noise and crowds wear me out and I feel completely exhausted and stressed. Now I seem to be feeling a little that way at work as well. I’ve worked in very open plan offices most of my adult life and never liked that, but now I’m getting more aware of how loud and disruptive they are and spending more time silently cursing everyone around me. In my (slight) defence I currently sit very near a team of people who are quite definitely louder and less considerate than most. I know this because I’m not the only one talking about how irritating they are (at least one of them is a woman I swear has never let a single passing thought drift through her mind without opening her mouth and expressing it, however trivial or unimportant). Anyway, on Monday or thereabouts this team is moving to a different floor in the office and I think now that the end is in sight I’m getting overexcited about them moving. Hopefully once they have gone, I’ll stop feeling like getting through the working day is a struggle on the people level and go back to just wishing I could retire because I don’t like IT. If not I may have to get a job that allows me to work at home at least 80% of the time! Then I could just spend my time on here, talking to you, my bloggy friends.
Bloggy friends are so much better company than IRL physical people :) I can tell you things I’m too embarrassed to say at work and you can’t tell just how weird I am because I’m the one (somewhat, sometimes) filtering myself for you. Or else you can, and you just feel sorry for me, but as long as I can’t see that on your face it doesn’t affect me :) And I don't bump into you in the ladies room and imagine you remembering the  time I mentioned hiding in the cubicle because my office face was tired and I needed a break.
Anyway, working from home today has been so peaceful by comparison. Even with M skulking about also working from home.


  1. Me too. I am not a people person and easily get "peopled out".

  2. Me too, although I enjoy catching up with friends over coffee. One of the best things about retirement is that I'm not surrounded by big and little people all day any more. It's more or less on my terms now. Works for me.