Thursday, 1 November 2018

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...

So, I’m still doing my LCHF diet. It hasn’t completely sorted out the digestive issues, but visiting the bathroom isn’t a source of dread and pain any more so I’m still fairly happy. I haven’t been feeling hungry between meals so the not snacking thing is going reasonably well too. I am a little bit missing my overnight oats but I’m sure I’ll get over the cravings soon enough, and it’s really minor considering that I was eating it every day through choice for several months. I haven’t had any cravings or even interest in anything else that I’ve cut out so far.
So this is good!
 I actually wrote the above yesterday (Wednesday) and forgot to post it on here. My sleeping still isn't where it should be so my memory could be better . But I thought before I posted it today I'd just add on a bit of something extra. All the above is still true. But to add to it all I weighed in below that threshold I'd been dancing just above for the last x weeks on the other diet. And without fasting, being hungry, laxative use or hardship. I hope it isn't a short lived drop, but I'm very happy to have seen the slightly lower number leading the scale display this morning. In fact as embarrassed as I am by my size I will put it out there - from 13 to 12 is a big deal psychologically even if it was only by half a pound.