Friday, 14 September 2018

Stupid Friday

Today my alarm didn’t go off and I started the day getting up late then flying around like a lunatic to get ready in time. Just to be clear, didn’t go off = I forgot to set it.
I am frazzled and unkempt (more than usual) as a result. The horror knows no bounds – I was forced to leave the house and walk to the station, then board a train and ride for half an hour into Cardiff – WITHOUT coffee!!!!
Fortunately I was able to immediately drink several coffees on arriving at the office, so I’m starting to come back to myself now. More or less.
This afternoon I have a team building thing involving an Escape Room. I haven’t done that before, but I’m told they’re good – I’m sure I’ll fill you in about it later. People will be boozing before and after, which I don’t PLAN to partake in, but we’ll see – it is Friday after all, and team building. 
Planned food for today:
Breakfast: eggs ‘scrambled’ in the microwave with bacon and leek in it
Lunch: I brought pea and leek soup with me. The group is planning to eat at a pub or something but due to restricting cals. and avoiding gluten I’m not sure I’ll be able to join in with that, Cardiff doesn’t have a lot of cheap GF diet menus.
Dinner: Chicken (roasted breast) with vegetable bake (based on the SW mac and cheese recipe Joy posted about, but using just veg instead of pasta – if the day goes to plan)


  1. I hate mornings like that! It just messes up my routine and makes me feel frazzled all the way around!

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the escape room! I’ve been wanting to try one!!!

  2. Those days don't exist for us retired old farts but I do remember them. I remember waking and the clock saying 6 but I had no idea if it was 6am or 6pm as in the winter it is dark at both times.