Thursday, 9 August 2018

Bendy. Not.

My yoga DVD came yesterday and I did the first session last night. Let’s just say that not doing it for an embarrassing number of years was really obvious in my flexibility – and when you’re struggling to do things you used to be able to do (surely only the day before yesterday???) the yoga practise is significantly less relaxing! My theory was that doing it before bed, because it used to make me feel relaxed, would help with sleep as well as flexibility, back strength and mood. Well, I’m sure that will happen… in a while. Right now it was like 20 minutes of my body yelling “What are you doing to me!!!” in a very loud voice!  I’m very pleased I got it even so, simply because I just don’t notice how inflexible I am in daily life and therefore would only get more so without this wakeup call!
Training so far: 20-23 minutes per day Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the climber.
I walked 3.4 miles Sunday, 6 miles Monday, 5.6 miles Tuesday, 5.8 miles Wednesday, and so far today I’ve done 2.1 (that would suggest about 4.5 altogether by the time I get home as I didn’t go anywhere at lunchtime)
And I groaned and struggled my way through a 20 minute beginners yoga thing yesterday.
That’s a big improvement on last week, when the walking was all I managed, and I do feel much lighter and brighter as a result (so far – but that could be delirium from lack of sleep and an excess of caffeine)
I still haven’t eaten anything sweet except fruit, though I did drink a little grapefruit juice last night. (I don’t approve of juice for me due to its sugariness – but I opened a tin of grapefruit segments in juice and it was right there…) Also still no alcohol. I will be drinking at the weekend because I’m socialising with the in-laws and that just doesn’t happen without alcohol. However I’m aiming not to drink much outside that – if at all – for calorific reasons. I’m feeling strangely motivated and enthusiastic – even invigorated - about the weight loss thing at the moment and I’d like it to last (if I’m totally honest I’d prefer to put off the socialising at the weekend, but I suppose there are other priorities above and beyond my weight. There are, right? Right? Or do you think I should tell them to come back in December instead??? Because I’d be happy to do it…)


  1. It made me ache just reading this! No, not really but I can imagine the ouch! It does get better though, doesn't it, with practise.
    I suppose you could not have alcohol at the weekend but that's a hard thing to do.

  2. I tried a yoga video a few years back and it was pure torture!!! Hahaha