Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A better week

Things are going a bit more smoothly this week. I'm feeling better - calmer in particular - and I started tracking my food on a new (to me) app. It's called Fat Secret. I was going to stick with myfitnesspal (stick with is a strong word since I logged in on Saturday for the first time in about 6 weeks) but they annoyed me with their GDPR 'take it or leave it' approach. The idea is to let us tell you how you can use our data, not declare that you will keep it all and give it to whoever you like and if you don't consent you can't use the app! It's possible that Fat Secret does similar things but as they haven't yet contacted me to warn me that they may have allowed my data to be compromised as myfitnesspal did quite recently I think they deserve more benefit of the doubt.

So now I'm back to weighing food and keeping a food diary, as I did during my last successful push towards weight loss. I feel OK about it since I finally got out of the resentful rebellious phase that followed doing that for years - literally. And so far I have been fairly angelic with it, despite a niggling feeling that I left it 'too late'. That's because I'm visiting my dad and his wife next week and even if I stopped eating altogether there wouldn't be time to change the fact that I'm the fattest he's never (yet) seen me. Sigh. I'm trying to see this week as a chance to not be even fatter again instead of dwelling on the number of times I told myself this year that my aim was to be below some arbitrary number by now. It doesn't feel great, but it is what it is.
I've been moaning about the weather for the last couple of weeks. I know the cliches about never being satisfied and they're all true - but I'm extremely uncomfortable above about 25 degrees and it's been stopping me walking to and from the station because I found walking home in 26+ degrees draining, exhausting, and prone to causing dehydration headaches. (Even when drinking a litre of water per journey) Instead I've been driving and complaining. Today it's only due to reach 22 do I did walk, but tomorrow it's due to bounce back to 26-ish and I'm already sulking about it.

Ah well, I will struggle on and keep trying - surely this heat can't last much longer???


  1. I too hate the heat but good to hear you are feeling a bit brighter. No doubt we will soon be moaning about some other weather but its just part of being British.

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  3. I lost track of your blog glad I found it again. How are you holding up? How was the visit?

  4. Please let us know what you think of fat secret after a while using it! I’m curious, does it have the large data base of foods like myfitnesspal (which is what won me over to myfitnesspal when I was looking for a switch years ago)

  5. The heat here in the UK has just been ridiculous hasn't it.
    I'm really hoping for rain soon and cooler days.

    I really like your header picture …

    All the best Jan