Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Hi again

Twice in one week, have I slipped into the twilight zone?
Well, yesterday I talked to my doctor. My thyroid is fine and I'm not yet going through the menopause - but she did say I might be in perimenopause and was still willing to give me a trial on the patches (I don't know if I already said she doesn't want me on the pills because of my past history of migraines)
I picked up the prescription after work yesterday and stuck one on last night.
It's probably too soon for them to be really effective and if so, the placebo effect is amazing, because today had the perfect balance of anxiety and tedium to send me hiding in the ladies but for a change in stayed calm with no desire to run away or die. All day.
Considering how much I wanted one or the other - with no real preference - on Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday that felt awesome.
I even started writing again after several weeks of just not feeling it.
Long may it last! And thanks for commenting Deniz and Diane, blogger failed to email me so I really did feel like I'd finally isolated myself from all the good people until I stumbled across your comments this evening. Methinks I need to tweak my GDPR settings.
It's good to be feeling human again!


  1. So glad to hear that you feel a bit better lets hope it is the patches and long may it last. I was on HRT for quite a while and it stopped me from murdering a few people I'm sure.

  2. Aah yes, like for Diane, the world was a safer place when I was on HRT. Rather a shame that I can't go back to it really, but...
    Very glad to hear that you are feeling more upbeat. Hope it will continue and you will begin to see the beauty in life again.
    Warm wishes and Zen hugs.

  3. So glad the patches are helping. I've never had HRT but have heard some very good things.
    Long may it last. xxx