Friday, 6 April 2018

Thank you

Thanks for your lovely words Joy, I missed you too and I wish I had been smarter! Also thank you Grace - and hello, and welcome - it was lovely to meet you!
You did make me feel better than I have for weeks (and I even managed to write today - and plan a violent end to my current murder mystery) and I didn't binge today - still operate, but in a more measured way, if that makes sense.
I do however intend to ask for a bump in my antidepressants prescription. Although I'm not having so many swings in my mood these days, it's levelled me off at a lower level than the last one and it's hard to care much about anything. Not much fun,  but I hope soon to increase my activity level - starting out just by walking to the station instead of driving / taxi-ing because the mornings are too dark. Hopefully, if all the claims that moderate exercise is as good for mood as drugs - that will help too!
Also, some of my virtual friends have tried a technique of being grateful for - and acknowledging - good things even when feeling down. So I'll give it a go.
1) my family, who I love very much. I saw my mum and my brother at the weekend (remind me to tell you about it) and it was lovely
2) virtual friends who are patient with my misery guts and know how to make me feel better
3) when I can make myself write, it takes me out of myself for hours and fills my brain with much better things
4) winter is coming to an end (it is, right?)
5) um um it's the weekend!

Not always promising to have 5 things....

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  1. It does make sense and I honestly do believe that focusing on the positives is the way to go - and there usually are positives, if one looks hard enough. It's not a case of ignoring the difficult aspects of life, it's more a case of deciding that they're not going to smother everything else really.
    J xxx