Thursday, 26 April 2018

Still not whole 30

I was right when I figured yesterday that a carby breakfast might leave me struggling to stay in control later - I ate the planned menu but added some chocolate and stuff. And beer.
Today I have a lunch meeting in a not gluten free Cafe so I know that lunch will be gluteny as well.
I've become aware when trying to be whole 30 ish (and failing) of some physical effects from eating gluten that I hadn't noticed before and that leave me more determined to be as gluten free as possible - while accepting that sometimes it's just easier to eat a minimal amount. Hopefully that will be enough to minimize the side effects.
I'm also considering giving myself a break from trying and failing to diet. I'm not a single pound lighter than I was when I started; that could be because of my gut microbiome or because of my brain chemistry or because I'm not on the right dose of antidepressants and I'm comfort eating. Which ever is the answer, my current approach to solving it really isn't. The question is, if I did that would I level off on the eating and weight or would I go overboard? The answer remains to be seen I guess. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday and will be asking about increasing the dose. If I also focus on the GF side which I freely admit to letting slide, perhaps I'll get myself into a healthier place to start the weight loss fight again.
Any comments however critical would be appreciated. A part of me sees this idea as copping out and giving up, but I'm clearly missing part of the puzzle and I'm sick of finding different ways to fail at the same thing.
Food today:
(still planning to do this)
Breakfast: egg, chicken, avocado mayonnaise salad with GF bread and fruit
Lunch:? Some kind of sandwich I expect
Dinner: chicken with sautéed new potatoes and broccoli with homemade mayonnaise
Snack: I'll try to keep it to fruit


  1. Not critical but I think you would be wise to abandon the diet especially as it is not working. Hide the scales - put them in the loft all they do is make you depressed and disappointed. you will soon know if you are gaining weight your clothes will get tight. In the mean time enjoy what you fancy but in moderation. If you dont feel deprived you may actually eat less of the bad stuff.

  2. May I ask what antidepressant you are on? Sometimes those actually cause weight gain. I used to take Wellbutrin for depression and it helped me lose weight (one of the few antidepressants that have that side effect). As for other tips on dieting...I just generally try to stay away from things that contain processed sugar, because sugar is a trigger food for me. (but from what you posted that you eat, it looks like you are already doing that)