Thursday, 5 April 2018


I doubt if anyone will read this as I haven't posted for so long.
I've been off social media / my Facebook account is deactivated because they're scumbags who can't be trusted and I haven't been reading blogs because I wanted to avoid reading about other people doing a much better job of living their lives than me.
But not reading the blogs I enjoy by people I like and respect has just meant not getting inspired or supported and so I've done even worse.
Bingeing - 3 times this week alone.
Eating gluten - so digestive things aren't working properly.
Feeling sorry for myself to the degree that I'm not even writing on my side projects properly.
Basically I'm failing at life right now.


  1. I have missed you a lot. Just remember that just because people don't say, it doesn't mean stuff isn't happening, just that they/we choose not to make it public, if that makes sense.
    Sending lots of love to you and I hope things fall into place more soon.
    J xxxxx

  2. I agree with Joy. Maybe something is going right with someone in their diet or exercise, but going crappy elsewhere. That's how it is with me sometimes. I don't share all the downer stuff because I figure people don't necessarily want to hear about that. Doesn't mean it's not happening.
    Hang in there.