Thursday, 12 April 2018

Overwhelming desire to hide

I'm feeling really down again today. Fighting the urge to walk out of the office, hit the road and just keep going - or run home and hide under the covers.
Not sure why I'm feeling this way - but fighting it.


  1. Much love, Chrisie. It's not being helped by the dismal weather, is it. Even cheerful me is feeling down about it.
    I can only send love so here it is - catch!
    J xxxxx

  2. Do something beautiful for yourself. Buy a bunch of flowers, or a new book.
    Be kind to yourself and know that people out here in blog-land care about you.
    Hugs aplenty heading your way.

  3. I agree with Deniz, do some nice things for yourself. Take a walk if it is nice outside, go have a cup of tea (or glass of wine). Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes we just need to do that.