Wednesday, 11 April 2018


I completely forgot about posting yesterday. There was a time it was a habit, but my increasingly sporadic posting over the last year or so seems to have broken that habit. If only it were that easy to break bad habits - bingeing and complaining and self-pitying, for instance.
Nothing interesting happened yesterday mind you, so it's not entirely surprising that I forgot. When there's no real high or low lights in a day, the whole thing just slips away almost unnoticed.
Sometimes a lack of interesting stand out moments in a day is a good thing though, so I'm not complaining.I didn't have a horrible day. I wasn't suicidal or even particularly miserable.
I didn't sleep at all well, and this morning I desperately wanted to stay in bed when my alarm went off. But I had booked a place on a work-provided seminar on breast awareness with a physical examination to follow so I felt I had to go in. I walked to the station (through pouring rain of course) and attended the seminar, which was useful even if it did include a little sales talk (it was being given by staff from a local private clinic). 
Even with that I managed to do some writing, plus some work, and it turned out to be a productive day, which does boost my mood. So Yay.

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  1. That sounds good. A shame about the rain though.
    J x