Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Not so whole 30

So, I planned to be whole 30 all day, with soup for breakfast again. This time the soup wasn't based on a recipe, but I has some on Monday and it was fine. This morning not so much. Is it over cooking that makes soup taste oddly... Vinegary? It certainly didn't improve with keeping like most soups do.
Anyway,, I was in work when I tried it and desperate, so I breakfasted on scotch pancakes left over from yesterday's free breakfast treats. So annoying.
Joy, I can't put the recipes on here as they aren't mine, but the pesto (dairy free) and mayonnaise, plus the soup (silky zucchini soup) can all be found online at the website along with many other great recipes. I'd link them directly but I have problems inserting links into posts written on my phone, sorry!
Diane, I'll definitely look out for that TED Talk (I love TED Talks). I've read a little bit about the effects of diet on mood and mental health and I don't doubt it's real. Unfortunately I've seen articles advocating a vegetarian diet, a carnivorous diet, and everything in between so my problem so far has been figuring out which one would be right for me! I need someone to test my blood and magically tell me what to eat, I think. Along with locking me up so I have to follow their instructions.

Anyway, so, food today:
Breakfast: broccoli and cauliflower soup (three mouthfuls) followed by scotch pancakes and fruit,and a hard boiled egg
Lunch: grilled chicken thighs with courgetti in pesto sauce
Dinner: pan fried venison steak with Mediterranean roast vegetables
Snack: hopefully none, but knowing me, having started the day with refined carbs... All the other carbs in Cardiff. I'll let you know later.

PS it's M's birthday so if there should be some carbs I won't be as judgey as usual


  1. I think you may have to wait a while for the personalised diets to become available but at least you can assure yourself its not your fault if you dont loose weight it might be your microbiome sabotaging you.

  2. Thanks, Chrissie
    Your food sounds wonderful!
    J x