Monday, 9 April 2018

Frustrating weekend

I didn't enjoy the weekend much, through external issues and my continuing to struggle with the food thing.
On Saturday I went into town good and early to get my hair cut. It was pouring with rain so I wasn't particularly happy about it, but I look like a fat overgrown bush at the moment so had no choice. I still look like that though, because the Hairdresser I previously used has stopped offering the service I previously got - just a dry cut -- and I sulkily walked out without getting it done when they told me that I'd have to have a cut and blow dry. That might sound over the top, but it annoys me to be told that because they feel like it I have to pay more for extra services I don't want - primarily because I get back ache from the hair washing. I once tried bending forwards rather than back and although I was uncomfortable I didn't get back ache - instead I got an ear infection from water trapped in the ear.
So I'm still a mess and seriously considering borrowing M's clippers (with a plan B involving wearing a hat every day).
Considering how much I hate getting my hair cut that seemed insult to injury.
My second source of frustration was inside our house. When we bought it it had one full bathroom plus an extra toilet in a room to small for a sink as well. We found a unit comprising lavatory and wash basin in one - the sink is above the cistern and actually helps fill the cistern. So M (a little) and his father (mainly) have been transforming that room and I am stunned into disbelief by the amount of rubbish and dust it's produced. It's still not quite finished but we're holding off on the last bits to see if we can get a water meter fitted so thankfully by yesterday afternoon we were able to clear some of the mess for a period at least.
You can probably imagine though, that this did not lead to a restful or relaxing weekend.

Things I'm glad about :
1) at least we have two working lavatories again. (I forgot to say that at one point we had none due to a valve being offended by the water being switched off)
2) a horrible figure appeared on the scales this morning so I'm motivated for weight loss now
3) a pause in the chaos of DIY

That's all I've got today...

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  1. How annoying! And they've lost your custom so hardly a money saver for them, more a money loser. I'm be very cross too.
    Is there anywhere else you can try?
    I know how frustrating it is to have internal work going on. However careful you are, the dust gets everywhere! It's lovely when it is all over though!
    J x