Monday, 23 April 2018

Damn, I did it again

Please don't think that because I keep disappearing without a trace that I don't appreciate your comments and spending your time reading and thinking up ways to help me fix my crazy brain - I really really do!
I'm still in a bit of a funk so I'll just rush through a quick summary of the week.
Wednesday - just a bit dull, with ongoing headache and backache and angst. Overate of course, starting with a free Greggs breakfast roll because my manager wanted to treat the team.
Thursday - really fed up, headache, backache, desperate desire to run away from my life.
Friday - very bad backache (probably exacerbated because I walked from the train station Thursday evening doing a duck impression due to blisters on the little toe of both feet) and still that niggling headache. I worked from home and rested NY back.
Saturday - back felt better, so I took a shorter walk in different shoes - and carried back too much shopping, which of course meant more backache later. I spent the afternoon doing some food prep for the whole 30 / making compliant mayonnaise, pesto and 3 flavours of homemade 'sausage' as well as some chicken stock to be turned into soup on Sunday.
Sunday was going to be the first whole 30 day. I got up, and had homemade sausage with soft fried eggs. 2 hours later that niggling headache I've deliberately mentioned in tedious detail decided to finally mutate into a full on skull piercing migraine - complete with near-projectile vomiting and the loss of my breakfast. I then lay down for the rest of the morning, and my lunchtime I was hungry - no breakfast, remember - and feeling better than I had for almost 2 weeks. This quite likely supports Diane's hormonal connection as I was particularly prone to migraines in my hormonal teens, almost monthly in fact...
Anyhow. Sunday afternoon I watched TV and made two vegetable soups but didn't really stick to the whole 30 after the disruption of the early sickness. I felt like I really wasted the lovely sunny day as I never went outside - I'm quite light sensitive around migraines.
That brings me to today - I hadn't booked the day off, and I was so happy about that decision given how little of my Sunday was really utilized. I had some boring chores to do - laundry, hoovering and the never ending dishwasher duty - but I also managed a five mile walk (no back pain) to my nearest Lidl (I prefer the closer Aldi). It was intermittently sunny and warm, but very chilly when the sun went behind the clouds, and I had no time constraints so I really enjoyed it even though I actually just  walked to my usual train station and then carried on for another half mile or so.

Good things: the headache is gone!!! And with it a lot of the drive to eat badly.
I really like my homemade mayonnaise and pesto - they're delicious (both recipes from Well Fed / Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan)
Sunny (or at least light) mornings
Last week was my first anniversary as a permie employee, and despite my frequent whingeing I like it much more than I ever expected to.

Food today:
Breakfast: a little pork mince sautéed with peppers and onion, with a couple of eggs poach/fried in with it
Lunch: broccoli and cauliflower soup and some melon and cashews
Dinner: homemade fajita seasoning I made this afternoon on a mix of beef mince, peppers and onions  accompanied by Avocado, tomatillo salsa and a little homemade mayo to cool it down, on a bed of romaine lettuce leaves
Snack (you're not supposed to snack, ideally, but it takes time to get the meal size right) 2 kiwi fruit

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