Monday, 5 February 2018

I'm annoying myself

I feel very much like a whiny child today, I'm sick of myself so I figured I'd generously share my irritatingness with anyone lacking the self-defensive ability to stop reading and head for the hills.
The thing is, there's nothing wrong except a feeling of wrongness and desire to just walk out of the office and keep walking until my feet fall off or I hit the sea - whichever comes first.
There are explicable reasons for some of it - having been awake since 3, being on a diet so I can't eat naughty but nice things, not losing weight fast enough, blah blah blah. Of course being me I also have to wonder if it's the depression returning as I've now been unmedicated for about five weeks (is that all? Feels longer. Much longer.)
Or am I overthinking / being paranoid?
Aaaarrrrggghh stupid brain. I probably just need a nap, but I'm in the office so... No nap.


  1. You have my empathy I too feel rubbish the recovery from this flu is slow and tedious.

  2. My sympathy too. Perhaps you will sleep a little bit better tonight. ((((hugs))))
    J x