Tuesday, 20 February 2018


So tell me, if you have stomach pain (not nausea anymore) do you eat or not eat?
I personally have been eating - though less than usual - and when my paracetamol and codeine wears off, it still hurts, leaving me wondering if perhaps fasting might help.
I know that the real answer is sure to be "it depends what's causing the pain " but I thought I'd ask anyway. Particularly my nhs health guru Diane! (I still can't post on your blog, I promise I'm not ignoring your tribulations). Please don't tell me that turmeric tea is the perfect cure all for stomach problems.


  1. I bet that's just what Diane would say. Me - I stop eating and just take fluids - mostly water.
    J x

  2. I think what Joy says is correct a day or so of fluids only will not cause any problems and might give the gut a chance to recuperate. You might like to think of repopulating the gut with good bacteria once it has settled down and ginger [not turmeric] tea is good for stomaches and much more pleasant. Good luck