Wednesday, 10 January 2018


I'm really really tired today so apologies in advance if this is incoherent as well as more tedious even than usual.
Yesterday I had a day off work because I was expecting a delivery - a divan base and headboard for a double bed, so definitely not something that would fit through the letter box! It arrived at around 9:30 in the morning so I didn't have to wait in all day for it. M had suggested I slide it into the room (we have wooden floors in the halls) and remove the packaging and leave it for him to set up for / with me and that was my plan until I realized it was raining and lost interest in my plan to take a long walk. So I sorted it myself. The base was awkward but not too heavy ; the headboard was both awkward AND heavy particularly during the stage of fitting it to the base ; and the mattress which had been lying on the floor was both awkward and holy crap that's heavy. Really it was silly to do it alone, but I get like that sometimes, and I succeeded, and was only as exhausted as you'd expect a double marathon runner to be at around mile 50 (have I mentioned lately how unfit I've become?) but luckily there was a nice new double bed to collapse on to recover.
That took until about 10:30 and the recovery took until lunchtime so I had lunch, waited for the library to have lunch, and then walked down town to return some library books and buy a couple of bits from Aldi. All in all, including hoovering the downstairs and walking into town I walked just under 4 miles. Monday I walked just over 4 miles. So on the exercise front I've definitely been happier the last couple of days.
I listened to another meditation while recovering from my furniture related efforts and it was an interesting one for me because it was about Forgiving Yourself, which is of course not something I'm good at. I hold grudges, particularly against myself. I will try to remember the phrases to repeat to myself every now and again.
I'm still Dry January
I'm still trying to be good with the food.
I dug out some (virtually unused) resistance bands yesterday and used them to try to build strength in my arms. I plan to continue doing that.
I'm really tired because I got very little sleep last night, and I'm still a bit disgusted with myself on the weight front. But there's more good than bad, I think.


  1. Actually, it all sounds pretty positive, I think. Good for you.
    J x

  2. Yes forgiving yourself is quite hard it is so easy to be self critical. I live with a constant little man in my head saying you should have done this or that so meditation is a very good way of switching him off.