Thursday, 18 January 2018

That went well

Obviously my spurt of daily (work day) posting didn't last long! That's not because I've been depressed or miserable or bingeing and drinking (although I haven't been sticking to my diet very well in terms of food quality). it's just that I've been working from home since spraining my ankle, which a) makes it feel less like a work day and b) means that I'd be in danger of killing any readers through sheer boredom.
My ankle is healing slowly but it is, currently there's less swelling and a massive greeny yellow bruise extending up the ankle and across half my foot.
The boredom is why I've struggled with food, plus the inactivity means of course that I should have lowered my calorie intake and haven't. On the other hand, not leaving the house for days makes it difficult to spend money on crappy food so cheap living!
Not driking is getting harder instead of easier. I think this can also probably be linked to boredom. Plus of course I never drank so excessively that I'd be feeling a great deal better - I don't suffer regular hangovers or anything - so the measurable benefits of not drinking are less obvious and motivating. i don't doubt its still benefiting my health, just not observably (is that a word?)
I spent yesterday working on a coding challenge for a work training course. Had I been in the office I would have asked for help quite soon on. As it was, I only asked for help with the last little bit, which did make me feel great!!! However today I'm missing the training session that set the task, so I won't get to brag about it!
Anyway, I WILL be back in the office tomorrow. A week's rest is enough, and if I hadn't gone in last Thursday i'd already be back. Probably.
We've been relatively lucky with the weather, missing the worst and seeing no snow. Apparently last night the wind was around 50mph but I took night nurse and slept right through it - yay!


  1. If you're worried about killing readers through boredom, I wonder what I do to them < grin >.
    J x

    1. ah, the difference is that your posts aren't boring!!!

    2. They're rather mundane! And yours aren't. :-)
      J x