Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy New Year

How is everyone?
I'm back to work today. It seems like minutes since I broke up for Christmas!
I know that New Year Resolutions are silly and often unachievable but I'm making some anyway.
1) posting more regularly - if not every day or every work day, at least once every week. That seems sufficiently unambitious.
2) getting to grips with the eating. I haven't been close to gluten free for weeks and I'm feeling it. Ditto low carb.
3) getting more exercise. I'm not declaring I'm going to run a marathon in February or anything, but I need to move about more and give my body a chance. I climbed the stairs instead of using the lift today!(Once)

There. That's not too bad. More to the point im not saying I will train a fixed number of times a week, eat a set number of calories or carbs a day, or lose a set number of pounds. I just want to feel better than I do now by the end of the year.  I'm currently unmedicated and not depressed. It would be nice to stay that way.

Most of all though I'm determined to keep writing


  1. Hellooooooooooo - lovely to read from you again. :-) Happy New Year.
    J x

  2. Happy new year what nice sensible things you have chosen - Here is one I do to help with extra movement park at the very back of the supermarket car park and walk. only a few extra steps but it all helps and you feel virtuous which is good for the spirit. Looking forward to reading how things are with you

    1. Another advantage is that there's almost always parking slots at the other end. :-)
      J x