Thursday, 11 January 2018

At least I have two legs

I think I sounded pretty positive about moving around more when I posted yesterday. I felt it anyway. I seem to remember mentioning using the stairs as a specific baby steps thing I was doing.
This is quite ironic now.
Because yesterday, as I arrived home after work and walked down the stairs from the garage to the house, I misjudged the bottom step and in the process of falling down the bottom two steps, sprained my ankle.
Someone somewhere is laughing his/her/it's head off.
I'm actually feeling more cheerful about it than you might expect. A healthy dose of paracetamol and codeine merits not too painful, although thanks to the swelling there's no bend or twist in the ankle which means that anything other than a smooth level surface is a pain - literally  - and I'm trying not to drink too much so that I can avoid too many bathroom breaks, but I managed to limp in to work today (probably shouldn't have but I didn't want more sick leave)
I've sprained this same ankle three times now and this time is so far looking less sprained than either of the other times. Or can you develop an immunity when you do the same damage repeatedly?
Of course you can't, I know that. I might be dehydrated  or delirious.

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  1. I had to laugh! It's so like me - I thing when it happens once, it leaves a weakness and is more likely to go the next time. I used to always be going over on my ankle and jolly painful it was too.
    Take care
    J x