Thursday, 28 December 2017

Merry Christmas

I waited till THE DAY was out of the way and those of you who like Christmas had already likeD Christmas because I'm considerate like that.
I had a rubbish Christmas Day, and for once it wasn't because of my lousy stupid crazy brain but just because the COLD OF DOOM returned. (shouldn't I be immune for the this year at least? I'm sure I should)
We spent Christmas Day with my in laws. My Father in Law, S, picked us up around 11 and took us to his house, which is 5 minutes drive away. At that point my cough was back but I felt ok. At their house, they gave me cough mixture and I think it disagreed with me or maybe it was a coincidence because I immediately started feeling iller and iller. It's a word on my blog, even if it isnt IRL. And iller.
So I felt sorry for myself and ruined the day for everyone, because I'm not what you could call stoic. I did take part in some trivia quizes, and hammered everyone despite being near dead. Although I'm not a competitive person so didn't gloat (openly).
Boxing Day I spent in bed. Eating Jack Daniels Fudge (a gift from the in laws who apparently haven't noticed that I'm already fat and am not in need of feeding up)
Yesterday I walked into town for emergency Night Nurse. I was supposed to be visiting my mum and was heartbroken at having to put it off but I wasn't fit to drive, couldn't talk, and didn't want to give them what I had, so I forced myself to do the sensible thing. Apart from walking to the nearest pharmacy and back, I did nothing.
So far today is looking similar.
Next year I want to spend the holiday somewhere they never heard of Christmas. Any suggestions? Answers on a postcard please.
But still, I do hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, really I do, misery doesn't always love company.

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  1. I am a few years senior to you Chrissie but you have just described many of my Christmases. Just be grateful you were not in charge of the festivities or had a gaggle of kids bursting with happiness. I think the stress leading up to christmas is what causes so many to succumb to the cold viruses which are out and about. Anyway you have my empathy now for the advice stay warm, drink plenty [ better not alcohol ] keep taking the night nurse and sleep through loads of rubbish TV. It will pass