Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Finally back at work

Yesterday was actually a booked holiday day and I'm back today mainly because if I was off any more I'd have to get a doctor's note, but here in Wales the process for getting a doctor's appointment robs me of the will to live. If I had a month to live I might consider it, but for anything less? Nah.
I actually did go to the doctor yesterday in an emergency appointment relating to my being bonkers. Side effects to the antidepressants to be specific but not exact. Not willing to be exact here but another antidepressant is being kicked to the kerb and this time the doctor wants me to clear it out of my system before prescribing something else. You can imagine how happy that makes me as I find Christmas stressful at the best of times and non-medicated doesn't qualify.
Ah well, I need to be off this drug anyway. I really want to just get rid of all of them but it didn't go so well last time so I'm scared to.
My time off sick was unbelievably tedious since I never had the strength for anything but using the remote control. Apart from Saturday when I went out twice doing various stuff and accidentally walked 10 miles, which knocked me out again on Sunday.
Words cannot express how sick of being barmy I am right now.
Also I must must must get my weight under control. Must, I tell you!

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  1. Chrissie have you thought of doing some mindfulness training. It might be useless but it will do no harm I personally have found it helpful and there is stacks of stuff on the net to help.