Friday, 6 October 2017

Still grouchy

This week has been long, frustrating and blech, partly I guess because of my migraine last weekend making me feel like I didn't have a weekend, then causing a groggy foggy feeling for a couple of days after, and partly because of a work related matter that I won't go into just in case someone working for the same company somehow stumbled on this blog.
Between the two above situations I've slept badly most of the week and also overeaten a fair amount. Then last night I apparently decided that the best way to have a better Friday was to get mildly pissed then be hung over in the office. Because I am a smart, educated, professional adult woman and I deal with problems in an intelligent and productive manner.
Feel free to snigger at me, I don't think I deserve sympathy either.


  1. Life can be like that it bites you in the backside regularly. Sod the over eating it is in the past forget it and there is no point in being upset about something you can do nothing about.

  2. Ditto - same as Diane. xxxxx
    J x