Thursday, 12 October 2017


I'm not dead, just constantly permanently exhausted all the time. Apart from a couple of hours on Monday when I tried to post and discovered that my iPhone wasn't just not supporting the blogger app anymore, but had escalated things to refuse to open it, I basically forgot I had a blog to post on all week.
Why? Well, I've been sleeping badly due to vivid upsetting dreams that wake me up and leave me stressed when I wake up - which is a perfect recipe for going straight back to sleep and staying that way, obviously. Because I'm shattered all the time I've been bingeing as well.
So all in all, I don't currently have the flu that's going around but I feel like the walking dead.


  1. You may well be antibody building which leave you feeling like a dishcloth but if you are lucky never develops into anything significant.

  2. Really sorry you have felt so rough. (((hugs)))
    J x