Friday, 20 October 2017


Not just a normal Friday but also my last working day before I go off for a week. I should be happy and anticipatory but I'm grumpy and pissed off.
Last night I was sleeping peacefully  and having some weird unsettling and possibly deeply Freudian dreams but most importantly actually SLEEPING when my poor M, who was on call, was phoned up. About nothing. He was probably on the phone 5 minutes. As a result we both lay awake for over an hour. This happened at 2:25 am. I must have spent the hour lying rigidly resentfully clenched ALL OVER because I've had massively painful and soul destroying back ache all day. Painkillers had an effect - for about 20 minutes before it came back. I can't concentrate on work and I've written precisely 0 words. And I don't even care.


  1. OMG it never rains but it pours. PERHAPS A WEEK OFF IS JUST WHAT IS NEEDED