Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Definitely have got a cold (sniff)
I'm writing this in the evening, having taken a dose of night nurse, so I could fall asleep before hitting Publish.
Not quite yet though!
Last night was HORRIBLE. From conversations had and overheard on the train and at work today pretty much the whole of Wales spent most of the night lying awake listening to the wind and rain. Obviously I'm not suggesting we suffered anything like the weather experienced in the Caribbean and parts of the US, but the roads were littered with tree branches. And, well, OK, twigs. Still it sounded loud. And woke us up. Not M but I'm pretty sure he could sleep through a meteorite landing on the roof.
I drove to the station because I didn't feel well enough for the walk - I'm embarrassingly short of breath at the moment. 
Enough moaning about health and weather. 
I did work some more on the side project and I'm still not telling you what it is. But I'm nearly at the landmark position I promised myself I'd get to before I did tell you, so soon... Soon. I've already started drafting a rambling post about it! I'm sure if you make it through to the end your response will be "Meh. Is that it?" In which case I apologize in advance for the anticlimax and for not explaining it's significance to me properly. At least I don't plan to leave it as a cliff hanger for much longer...

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