Wednesday, 6 September 2017


The nytol helped a bit. I slept like the dead from about 9:30 till about 4 am. Of course that is not enough to catch up - or even enough not to fall further into deficit. Still, best night for a week so I'm not really complaining. I have considered the guided meditation approach Diane, in fact I think you recommended it to me once before and it helped for a while. But meditation doesn't come naturally to me and it seemed to get less effective over time until I started to find the guy's voice annoying. That's no reason not to try it again and I have another one on my phone as it happens, so I'll see if it helps.
Despite my tiredness I'm pleased to still be feeling pretty positive though. I'm doing some side projects that I'll tell you about some other time, and they are both enjoyable and provide a challenge with a sense of achievement as well, which is definitely helping. So even though life is still just uneventfully plodding along, its doing quite a pleasant job of it!

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  1. I don't think meditation comes naturally to anyone and I know what you mean about the voice becoming irritating