Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tuesday and Monday and the weekend

I wasn't very well at the weekend. A combination of the pain from the sinusitis, the lack of sleep because my painkillers kept wearing off between midnight and 1 am, and a sore throat and swollen glands presumably in response to the sinusitis although at the time I thought I was just coming down with an unpleasant summer cold (obviously I'm using the word summer very loosely as it's definitely autumn here in Wales)
I didn't go for any walks - in fact I drove one mile each way to park up at Aldi instead of walking, and the only reasons I went at all were an overdue library book and a hair appointment made six weeks ago that snuck up on me. The rest of the weekend was reading, watching TV and watching a movie. Pure laziness for two days.
Yesterday I still felt coldish but in much less pain so I managed to work, do my side project and make a large pan of autumn is here vegetable soup.
And last night I didn't wake up until 3am! 3! And not in screaming pain, just in normal "I'm rubbish at sleeping" mode. Today is the first day since the sinusitis hit that I haven't taken any painkillers as yet (there's still a slightly uncomfortable sensation in the left side of my jaw / teeth but nothing to what it was) 
And my side project is coming along swimmingly so I may even feel like talking about it soon. 
All in all, not a bad day today!


  1. Sinusitis is really horrible and I am so glad it is easing off for you. Long may it continue to improve - or maybe I mean not so long. I love the sound of the soup!
    J xxx

  2. So what is the project? I am fascinated I have very strong nosey gene. Soup is a fantastic meal and there is almost nothing that you cannot make soup out of. Even a pile of bones makes a good base.