Friday, 29 September 2017


Well, as soon as I posted how much I was enjoying the writing yesterday it got much harder. I still managed my 1000 words, but I have to admit it was a struggle and I kept checking the word count to make sure I'd done 'enough' to stop. :-(
I suppose I can't expect it to always be (relatively) easy or everyone who ever thought 'I wonder what happened next' after reading a story or piece of news would have written a book.
Anyway, today it came more easily again :-)
To those of you who think you want to read the stories.... Ummmmmmmm... I'm not sure I've written anything anyone else gets to see yet. My first was a bit perverted and blood thirsty, my second a bit superficial and shallow, the current one maybe sometime but not yet... It isn't finished yet for one thing, and certainly isn't polished. Thanks for showing an interest though xxx

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  1. Just keep writing. Have you read Stephen King's "On Writing". He talks about the process and how just writing is enough even if you think it's bad or doesn't make sense. Just put the words down and editing is a separate process.