Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Confession is good for the soul

So let me confess and get it out there. You may have noticed that I haven't talked about the Mediterranean Diet experiment lately and maybe you thought it was just because I've been so involved and excited by my new writing experiment that it just didn't come up. Sadly it's actually because I've been backsliding into over eating and bingeing quite frequently. I don't even know why, given that the writing is ongoing and still makes me happy, but somehow it just crept up on me again. I told M yesterday and I'm telling you today because I want to get it off my chest. Today already went better since I mentioned it to M, so hopefully that is a pattern that will continue.
I do plan to give the Mediterranean Diet another go because I was enjoying it before and feeling pretty good, but want to stay gluten free with it - I tried re-introducing bread when I started the diet, and the gluten has me hooked again now, which generally leads to bingeing and oh, maybe THAT'S what triggered this binge-fest...
Anyhow, unlike most times I haven't descended into despair at my weak will, possibly because I have been maintaining the discipline to keep writing 5 days a week. I'm aiming for at least 1000 words a day and averaging between 1200-2000, and still loving it!

Yesterday I attended a fascinating workshop at work, on Autism Awareness. As it was a workplace session it was obviously focused on the challenges faced by people with autism in work, and the adjustments that the company can make to help with those challenges. Pretty much everyone there had some level of experience in their work or private lives, and the trainer explored the subjects that came up from the discussion, rather than rigidly sticking to his presentation, and it really was very interesting. Leaving aside the question of the condition itself, some of the suggested techniques would make for being a better colleague generally, so it really felt very beneficial. Having been a contractor for so long I haven't had opportunities at work for 'personal development' or training and it's really good to stretch my brain a bit, so I'm hoping to continue taking advantage of similar opportunities, particularly now that I know they are of a pretty high quality!


  1. Christie well done own up and move on no beating yourself up it cannot be undone so let it go. Sod the food how long before we get a first draft?

  2. LOL - I'm with Diane here all the way!
    J xxx