Thursday, 7 September 2017

A night of two halves

Well, I tried a new meditation thing last night. One of the first things she said was 'even though this is about sleep try to stay awake to the end '. That was also about the last thing I heard, so the staying awake to the end thing needs some work :-)
Unfortunately at about 1:30 I woke up in agony with what initially felt like toothache but then identified itself as sinusitis. I took anti-inflammatory painkillers but it took over an hour for them to have enough of an effect that I could get back to sleep (I spent that hour reading, not lying awake watching the clock) 
A while after that I woke up again after a vivid and guilt-inspiring dream. I'm not going to describe as I know other people's dreams are famously uninteresting :-). I managed to get back to sleep and then my alarm went off - it felt like it was about 5 minutes later but probably wasn't. (Just to be clear, I'm not blaming the meditation for all that, it just stopped me evaluating the success properly!)
Considering all that I actually don't feel too bad this morning, though I am relieved not to have any afternoon meetings to survive today. I still have a little discomfort from the sinusitis but it's much better - far more than I'd expect if it was toothache, so I'm pretty confident in my self-diagnosis. I'm not sure how well I will resist pigging out today if the tiredness catches up with me, but that is for later.


  1. Sinusitis is horrible and I'm really sorry to read that it gave you a bad night.
    Looks like the meditation thing works though!
    J x

  2. wonderful isn't it the harder you try to sleep the less likely you are to nod off but try and stay awake and you are gone in seconds. sorry to hear about the sinus troubles - the only thing I know is that steam helps