Thursday, 17 August 2017


Thanks Diane, Joy and Enz for stopping by to comment yesterday :)
I'm still feeling positive and happier today - and so much more in control of my life, my brain and mood - it's great!
I've decided that although I do desperately need to lose loads of weight I'm going to ignore that for the moment in favour of trying to get healthy - and I'd quite like your opinion. I'm thinking of trying out the Mediterranean Diet / life-style. Lean meats, fish, olive oil, nuts, legumes and fruit &veg. Some whole grains (non gluteny of course) but not too much because I don't want to be too high carb although as you can see from the above list I'm easing right back on that. Once all that lot helps to fix my myriad of health and inflammation issues I'll focus more on the weight. And I will track my food from the beginning but with more of an emphasis on nutrients than calories. The Mediterranean Diet also requires regular exercise and a focus on stress management and relaxation and enjoying life. Plus moderate drinking of red wine!
So what do you think - does that sound like an OK plan? I'm a tiny bit nervous about shifting the focus from the weight as it hasn't entirely worked in the past, but then in the past when I tried it I also didn't track my food, and I hope being more conscious of my food will rein in those over the top tendencies.
Opinions and comments eagerly awaited!


  1. It sounds like a great plan. Focusing on health is much more sensible than focusing on calories.
    J x

  2. Sounds perfect once you have food you enjoy it will be easier. Vegetables are very versatile so you can bulk up on those instead of sugary stuff. Have you tried rye bread? it is somewhat of an acquired taste but it is gorgeous with a large slice of smoked salmon and a big squirt of lemon juice and grinding of black pepper. Oh do I fancy this now I have written about it.

  3. You are more likely to be successful picking something you are enthusiastic about and enjoy the type of food, as Diane said! I think it's a great idea :) Looking forward to hearing about it.