Monday, 28 August 2017

Hello all

Apologies for missing Thursday and Friday - personal stuff going on interfered with my plan to post. You didn't miss much as I hadn't got anything exciting to say mind you. Mostly just an admission that pizza happened on Friday because my company bought a bunch of them at lunchtime for every one and I was very very very very weak. 
Isn't it weird to have such a hot and sunny Bank Holiday weekend? It's too hot for my taste and as a result I've not been sleeping very well - not that that's news. I have a fan but it's developed a mysterious intermittent knocking sound so it's a choice between sweating buckets and being woken up by unexpected sounds - a perfect storm of bad nights.
Yesterday I visited my mum and as usual had a lovely day. Roast beef dinner (followed by a delicious but evil gooseberry pie) and lots of chatting. In the evening we got a takeaway since I didn't want to drive back and head straight into the kitchen, but I kept most of mine to eat today as I was still full from lunch. Apart from that it's been a quiet weekend of housework and TV watching as usual. It's an extra short week this week for me as I have Friday booked as annual leave as well as today's bank holiday. It's my birthday on Friday - I'll be mumble mumble years old - and I hate working on my birthday. We're not making plans for anything as I'm now firmly in the stage of knocking a year off my admitted age every September 1st so I don't want to acknowledge it in any particular way. But it's possible that some sorrows will be drowned in an effort to pretend I'm less creaky than I am... And that could take all week!


  1. Pizza is not always bad but it is almost always delicious!
    J x

  2. Many happy returns for Friday - I dont think you were weak about the pizza just normal you can always take up the slack later.