Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Glad to hear that you think the new plan is a good one and not just a massive cop out. Earlier I was looking for a Facebook group that might be fun to join and instead found links to an article saying that the diet is only significantly healthy if you're rich.
I'm not. But I still plan to give it a go.
On the subject of the new plan does anyone have any tips on how to do include fish in the diet twice a week (or more) without having to take out a second mortgage? I'm quite happy to eat untrendy fish but really hate dealing with fish bones so they kind of have to be filleted (and I don't fancy dealing with scales or guts if I'm honest). I think that in terms of oily fish I'll be looking at mackerel / sardines / pilchards because I'm not keen on farmed salmon as a concept. And the wild stuff seems expensive - like fresh tuna. As far as white fish goes I don't mind resorting to coley or pollack. There's a really good fish stall in Cardiff market but it places an emphasis on quality (for a price of course) rather than cheapness; M suggested I go along and ask them for suggestions and I plan to do so but I'd quite like to go armed with some knowledge so I don't end up overpaying or buying garbage because they want to get rid of it (not that I'm saying they would, but everything is better if you know what you're doing in my opinion) My other thought was Aldi but I seem to remember checking the fish when I first started shopping there and not being impressed by the prices. I don't know of any other fishmongers around except possibly in the local Tesco / Asda but I leap to the assumption that it's likely they'll mostly stock the easy-sell popular (and pricey) options since they're all about volume. Any suggestions gratefully received....


  1. Aldi sells bags of wild salmon that are cheaper than anywhere else around here. Use My Supermarket to check/compare prices. If amount don't matter, could you have half a piece of fish at a time? Personally, I'd be fine about buying bags of frozen fish which tends to be better value.
    Happy hunting.
    J x

  2. Don't miss out on iceland they have lots of fish available at reasonable prices. Tinned fish is also a good standby and yesterday we had humble fish fingers cold with mayo and a salad. Smoked fish is also reasonable and off cuts of smoked salmon have hundreds of uses. Hope this helps. Have you ever made gravadlax it is very easy and well worth the effort?