Wednesday, 2 August 2017

And still

I keep thinking I'm getting better then... Not. But this time I might be. I started a new set of work on Monday with a very steep learning curve and the days have flown by. I'm still eating crap but feeling like the urgency is wearing off, and still having back pain and foot pain but admitting to myself at least that I'm probably making both sources of pain worse with the over eating (and bad choices)
Hopefully I will start to feel human again soon...
Thanks Joy and Enz for your comments yesterday xxx


  1. Hey - glad to hear from you!!! Wanted to let you know I found a new IOS app for Blogger. Its called Blog Manager and wirks like the old Blogger app.

  2. Chrissie I know you like to walk but your foot does not and neither does your back - rest might be the hardest thing for you to do but give it a try. sod the eating you can deal with that once you are a bit more mobile. One thing at time.