Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Tuesday and Wednesday

I didn't post yesterday because I was knackered after another poor night and fell asleep a little unexpectedly.
I slept really well last night though so feel much better today!
Yesterday it drizzled as I walked to the station and then it rained - hard - for most of the day, with an extra spurt just in time for the walk home from the station. I had an umbrella and wouldn't have been too badly off, except for the land rover that sprayed me with 1000 gallons of puddle water 15 minutes from home. Then I crossed the road and two more cars sprayed me on the other side. At least I was dripping symmetrically I guess...
Today was dry, possibly because all the rain in Wales had fallen on me already. It was also muggy and cloudy but you can't win them all.
Work was boring today. Yesterday it was slightly less boring as I was asked to help a new baby tester find his feet for a couple of hours before handing him off to a colleague. He should have been sitting with me again today, but he never showed. I know I moan quite a bit about testing but I didn't realize it was quite that bad!
By home time I was desperate to get out of there so of course the train was running late. And Cardiff was really annoying because Coldplay are performing here - and some idiot decided to put the stadium right in the centre of Cardiff to ensure maximum annoyance and disruption for every event. Thank goodness nothing is happening tomorrow, that's all I can say. 

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  1. There's nothing quite like a good night's sleep, is there?
    J x