Thursday, 13 July 2017

Sometimes I do myself no favours...

Like when I'm depressed and choose to wallow in it instead of doing something to feel better. Like when I'm depressed and lonely and curl up on my own instead of finding company or even posting. Like when I'm struggling with the diet thing because of an unhappy weigh in and 'decide' to binge.
None of those things apply today by the way. But I'm bored because of a quiet time at work and have been for a few days now. When it started I went around asking people for work and they gave it to me and it was good. Until I hit blockers on several bits of said work that left me hanging around waiting for other people to sort things out so I can do my thing. And I seem to have run out of 'chasing it' steam (partly due to inhibitions about being seen as a nag) so I'm just sitting around being bored and letting nothing happen. Pathetic. Although I'm possibly just being more like a permie than a contractor who feels the need to constantly demonstrate value to the customer. Anyway whatever I'm bored.


  1. If you really want to what boredom is may I suggest a copy of Gibbons Decline and fall of the Roman Empire 😂

  2. Hope you read gibberish I type it rather well.