Wednesday, 5 July 2017

I can't be doing with this heat

It was about 17 degrees by 6 am and around 25 when I left work. I know that if millions of people read this there would be millions of people saying "you don't know what heat is! 25? Pfft." Whatever. 25 degrees on a crowded train (the one before mine was cancelled) is TOO MUCH. No air con. No noticeable breeze. Lots of people. HATE HATE HATE.
It made me feel quite ill - luckily M picked me up so I didn't have to walk / crawl / crash my way home from the station. I still feel dodgy now with a dehydration headache. How long till autumn?
I didn't quite stick to my food planning this evening due to the above - I added a protein bars to settle my stomach a bit. It worked so I have no regrets.
Now I'm going to try to get some sleep... The fan is on and the bedroom doesn't feel too bad. But today I miss my air conditioned car. Sigh.
PS I defeated my evil blogger app (the official Blogger one) by saving this post every other sentence. Must check out Enz's suggestion because that's already getting old....


  1. You are not alone I too hate the heat and it is not the actual temperature but the fact we never get the time to acclimatise before it drops back down again. We are forecast rain today hurray!!!!

  2. I hate the humidity too. I don't mind warm but humid if not nice at all. They say rain here today but the sun has just come out!
    Hope you slept well.
    J x