Monday, 24 July 2017


How is everyone?
I'm.... Struggling again with the depression thing. So far I haven't binged or got totally plastered, though I can't claim to have made the best choices the last couple of days. I've been prone to getting tearful and being very negative about things, as well as overly sensitive about imagined criticism. Sigh. The crappy weather in Wales didn't help (torrential rain most of Friday, some torrential showers Saturday, grey and dreary Sunday) and nor did staying shut up in the house most of the weekend. 
M asked me on Saturday what I thought would help make me feel happier... I literally couldn't think of anything at all. Yesterday wasn't AS bad and today was a little better again, so I have no idea what was going on in my brain or why it's improving now. That lack of a clue is really frustrating...


  1. Sending you light and positive thoughts. Wish I could more for you.

  2. Sending love from me to you.
    J xxx

  3. Chrissie the default position of your mind is to go to the negative it is a survival thing. The cure is to keep focused on something and don't let your mind wander. You need to occupy your mind it doesnt matter with what. Reading, jigsaws, knitting anything which will keep your mind occupied. Take some amazing photos from strange angles anything to keep you from thinking. Write a poem or you life story anything you fancy give it try and see how the hours will rush past!!!!