Saturday, 1 July 2017


Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was do tired by the evening I just fell into bed around 8 and passed out :-)
I took a day's annual leave yesterday intending to get more of the garden gravelled but didn't manage to - we're selling my car to my father in law (hence the walking to the train station a couple of days last week) and we discovered that the last time I parked it in the train station car park a tree splattered it with sap. As I didn't notice for a few days it was firmly dried on and I ended up spending the whole day trying to get it off with hand sanitizer and surgical spirit. It's not perfect but it's vastly better - and it was very hard work. And now I get to spend today on the gravel again, after hoping it would be finished by now and I'd be free to just enjoy a normal weekend. Sigh.
Foodwise I was pretty good but did have a beer last night. Just the one!


  1. Sleep is really good for you so well done. Beer is full of vitamin B so also good for you so class it as medication.

  2. LOL @ Diane!
    A good night's sleep is worth its weight in gold so well done. I hope today's tasks go quickly and well so you can enjoy tomorrow with a clear diary!
    J x