Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Bloody BT

I got home from work today to no internet connection. We have BT Infinity broadband so that isn't supposed to happen. I spent most of the evening on the phone and the earliest they can get someone out to sort it is next Wednesday. A sodding week away. M thinks they probably did something stupid at the exchange and it will 'miraculously fix itself' between now and then. Hopefully he's right because at the moment we're relying on his mobile phone acting as a mobile hot spot. My phone doesn't get a good enough signal in the house to be able to do it so when he goes off to work I'll be internet-lrss and screwed if it doesn't come back.
Bloody BT 

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  1. That's far too long a time to have to wait. Hoping it heals itself somehow.
    J xxx