Monday, 3 July 2017

Another Monday

We finished the gravel on the garden on Saturday morning and I started spraying weed killer on the tufts sticking out around the edges on Sunday morning so we're virtually there now - although I expect it to take a few treatments to finish the tufts off. 
Sunday was a glorious looking day but so hot I didn't feel like going for a walk - so I didn't bother. Today and tomorrow I have to walk to the station anyway and I still have enough pain (although definitely much improved) not to feel like pushing it and maybe setting things back. This afternoon was also lovely and the walk home was quite pleasant all in all. I'm pretty knackered though having woken up somewhere around 2 again. I wanted a really early night - like 8 year old child early night - but I'm trying to hang on a bit longer in the hope that I do better tomorrow. It doesn't usually help but I'm so so tired...
I have to admit I had a depressive dip over the weekend again. I think I'm doing better now and I didn't break my diet or anything - but I was very irritable and snappy and I don't know which came first - the lack of sleep or the bad mood. On Saturday evening I basically retreated into the spare room to be alone and unsocial because I couldn't handle conversation and M wanted to discuss stuff and plan stuff and involve me - none of which I felt up to doing. 
I need to reclaim walking for pleasure or introduce some other form of exercise because there's no denying it helps with that sort of crap. I also keep thinking I should try meditating or something but a part of me resists the idea and I don't know where to start. All I do know is the weekend was a reminder of how low I can get and although I have come back up now I'd like to have an action plan for the next time. 
Do any of you meditate? Or have suggestions for therapeutic exercise that maybe doesn't involve too much strain on the plantar fasciitis? Except weights - my right elbow is protesting the work I did on the garden.
Good God you wouldn't know I'm only 45 would you....

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