Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Windy cold and damp morning today.
Windy dry and cold by lunchtime. 
Basically windy all day, with occasional sunshine breaking through and mostly grey skies. I was glad to be indoors. Except when I had to go out at lunchtime, when I just wanted to be back indoors.
Work was fairly busy, I started a new piece of work and just as I was deeply involved in wrestling it into submission the last project grew fangs and tried to bite us in the bumper. Interesting times...

Food today:
Breakfast : hard boiled eggs with salad leaves, Cucumber and mushroom 
Lunch : roast chicken thigh and drumstick with salad leaves 
Dinner : pork shoulder steaks with vegetables 
Snacks : precooked bacon strips (bought not precooked by me)


  1. We have had the rainiest April, May and so far June that I have ever recalled. I am so SICK of rain! Bring on the sun!

  2. The weather was dreadful, wasn't it? Really shocking. Definitely a time to be inside. Cold, too.
    Hope you managed to sort out the work problems.
    J x