Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Small confession

You might have noticed I didn't list my food yesterday - or over the weekend. This is because on Saturday I had some booze and then binged on chocolate and gluten and all things sugar. Then yesterday I binged on protein bars?!?!?
I think Saturday it happened because I didn't increase my calories on Friday or during the day on Saturday to reflect all the work I was doing. And yesterday for the first time in months I walked to and from the train station as well as through Cardiff to and from the office - a total of 5 miles - and again tried to do it on the same calories. Plus being too hungry by dinner time because I got home later due to the time taken to walk home instead of driving. It took me until this morning to realize that was probably the reason rather than just general wimpiness and inadequacy. Since today I did something about that by eating more calories earlier in the day (I did  the increased walking again today you see)
But... Even with that cunning plan I'm still not talking about my food today 


  1. Chrissie now is the danger time OK you have fallen off the wagon so what! Get back on the horse don't you just love mixed metaphors. If you worked like a lumberjack you would have needed those extra calories so just forget it pretend it never happened and don't punish yourself. Starving your self and waking miles wont help just resume service as normal.

  2. I totally agree with Diane. Shut the door on it, don't look back, no recriminations or regrets, just walk on! :-) and hugs.
    J x