Monday, 5 June 2017

Inconsistency is my middle name

I'm still not doing brilliantly at the whole daily blogging thing am I? Luckily I'm doing better at the consistency of sticking to the Atkins diet - and it's going well so far. Also I'm enjoying it so far (apart from today's breakfast - see below) although I can't say I'm feeling the benefits of cutting out the inflammatory foods yet. It's early days though I suppose.
I fled Cardiff at 3-ish on Friday and was glad of it since the city was already filling up by then. I then ignored the football (as I have spent years perfecting my technique) and just spent the weekend doing weekendy things. I walked a couple of miles Saturday morning in my usual experimental way and was disheartened again about the lack of measurable improvement in my foot. Or in fact feet - the right one has been getting worse, presumably due to doing more work when the limping sets in. On Sunday I did hardly anything. Except reading the horrible news of yet another terrorist attack on London. I saw something earlier that described terrorist attacks on 'soft targets' as the new norm and it does feel horribly like it...
Today I wrote approximately 100 test cases. I'm not even exaggerating - except when I say 'wrote' since it was more like 'copied an existing script 100 times and tweaked them all in annoyingly nitpicky ways. It was both tedious and frustrating / stressful but now it's done anyway.
This evening I had a lovely hot bath while reading an excellent Sci fi novel and now I'm going to have an early night. It has rained most of the day and I can hear it still hammering down - lovely!

Food today:
Breakfast: hard boiled eggs with spinach (so far so good) and... Kale. Kale. I don't care if it's a superfood, it was disgusting. I guess it needs slathering with half a pint of dressing to make it taste good - which I didn't 
Lunch: roast chicken thigh and drumstick with spinach, Cucumber and mushroom salad. Plus quite a bit of dressing that I bought at tesco and the last few bits of the kale because I don't like wasting even horrible food.
Dinner: roasted belly pork with a big pile of veggies.
Snacks: homemade pork rinds.

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  1. I find if I mix kale with other greens in a salad it's more tolerable!