Monday, 26 June 2017

Big catch up

Last week - Wednesday and Thursday - I was feeling a bit crappy and run down and just didn't feel like doing anything - or posting about not doing anything. 
Friday was a different matter. I booked the day as annual leave so I could take delivery of 4 tonnes of flint aggregate to destroy our lawns with. And having taken delivery, I spent about 4-5 hours shifting the flint and spreading it out over weed suppressing sheets over the back lawn. I stopped roughly an hour after I started wishing I was dead, fell into a bath for an hour and then fell into bed straight after dinner. No way on earth I could have found the strength to post, I barely remembered my own name!
There was a bit more on Saturday but we'd underordered the aggregate and we're running short, so it wasn't nearly as horrendous a day. There was even more again on Sunday but a much shorter day again before there was no point doing any more. We have another massive bag arriving on Wednesday that will allow us to finish off at the weekend.
From Friday till now I've been aching like the unfit lump I have become and it will probably wear off just in time to start again. All I can do is convince myself it will be worth it when I don't have to mow any more...


  1. There is nothing like physical exercise to make you sleep. I wheel barrowed and shoveled 6 tons of purple slate onto part of my garden so I understand where you are coming from. It does make life easier in the long run but don't for one minute think weeds don't grow in aggregate so lay in some weed killer.

  2. I bet it looks fantastic!
    J x