Monday, 29 May 2017

Where did the Bank Holiday go?

I had a 4 day weekend and feel like I only just left the office at the end of last week.
I didn't do a great deal over the weekend - Saturday I got my hair cut and bought a pair of incredibly unsexy orthotic trainers. I walked to do these chores and spent the rest of the day in pain from the foot as I once again overestimated it's recovery. Yesterday I went to visit my mum for the day. The drive was fine because most people were still away for the weekend. We went out for a Sunday lunch and chatted a lot (OK I talked their ears off) and my brother popped over as well, so it was great. After I got home though things went a little wrong with a takeaway, beer and chocolate.
Today was quieter. My foot was pretty good but my ankles were bothering me for a change - part of getting used to the trainers I guess. I did some shopping but drove rather than walking. And we spent the afternoon watching a marathon binge of the last series of How to Lose Weight Well. Now I'm so motivated you wouldn't believe it! Today my food has been angelic and no alcohol either. No exercise either of course, but that's OK.

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