Thursday, 4 May 2017

Wednesday and Thursday

Sorry again guys, I'm finding myself struggling to find the time to post at the moment. I leave the house just after 6, get home just after 5, and spend my evenings on cooking and food prep (when I'm not doing outdoor hoovering) before crashing because I find the drive home quite stressful and tiring. (Also inspiring drinking a bit to relax) 
However the journey has been improving through this week - I haven't taken the same route twice - and I hope I'm getting more used to it generally as well, after months of barely taking the car out of the garage.
Work is still going well although after spending the last five (work) days on the same repetitive and intense task I've had enough of that and am ready for a break. How do people keep going for years???

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  1. Really glad that things are generally improving for you.
    J x